SECO LoanStar Loan- This is for Municipalities, Public Hospitals and Independent Schools. It is a 100% financing for labor and materials to retrofit to LED lighting, solar power and energy efficient HVAC projects up to $7.5 million with a 1% interest rate, 2% APR revolving loan. The deadline for enrollment is November 15th 2016.

    PACE Loan program- This is for commercial projects retrofitting to LED Lighting, Solar power and energy efficient HVAC technologies. Several banks bid on the projects offering 100% financing on labor and materials between 4% and 6% interest with terms 15 to 20 years on total financed minimum amounts from $100,000.00 to $500,000.00. Equity is required. They will include previously purchased products retroactive up to one year.

    HESALight- This is a manufacturer who 100% financing of the labor and materials with no minimum, 0% interest, credit, no equity is required Only for HESALight products.  THEY DO NOT GO THROUGH DISTRIBUTION!

    Byline Financial- This program is a 1% with six months with no payment loan program for the retrofit to LED Lighting secured by the LED Lighting products. Available for commercial, public or privet hospitals, schools and municipalities.  This is very flexible with 100% labor and materials, from a 90 day to six month deferred payment plan to an equipment leasing program with five to seven year terms using the lighting as the equipment.  No equity is required, not product specific. They have financed as low as $1,500.00 projects.Type your paragraph here.

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